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Irish mobile providers must accept new EU Law on roaming charges – Hayes


Irish mobile providers must accept new EU Law on roaming charges – Hayes

Dublin MEP, Brian Hayes has today (Thursday) warned that any attempt by Irish mobile providers to continue to charge roaming fees after June 15th would be a breach of the new EU “Roam Like at Home” legislation. The Fine Gael MEP was speaking in Strasbourg where the European Parliament voted to introduce a maximum price cap that mobile providers can charge each other for facilitating roaming on their network.


 “Today’s vote is significant. It amends the existing roaming regulations and introduces a maximum price cap. This effectively means that from June 15th Irish mobile customers will pay the same price as they do at home when in another EU Member State.”

 “I am aware of attempts being made by some Irish mobile providers to alter existing contracts of customers. This is a deliberate attempt to effectively maintain roaming charges. I have already raised this matter directly with the European Commission who has stated that providers will be in breach of EU law after June 15th.

 “I have also been in contact with COMREG who will ultimately have responsibility for policing this issue once the new rules come into force. I expressed my disappointment at attempts by some Irish providers to impose high roaming charges by modifying consumers’ contracts.”

 “These rip-off charges have existed long enough. This is an issue that is pro EU citizens and pro-consumer. The European Parliament voted to abolish roaming fees from the end of 2015 but compromised to give time to mobile providers. That time is now up. From June 15th roaming charges must cease within the EU,” concluded MEP Hayes.

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