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Hayes to give evidence to House of Lords inquiry on ‘Brexit’


Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes will today (Wednesday) give evidence to a House of Lords Committee inquiry taking place in Brussels on the upcoming Brexit referendum. The House of Lords Committee Inquiry is meeting all political groups within the European Parliament. Brian Hayes was selected on behalf of the EPP Group to give evidence to the inquiry.


Speaking in Brussels Mr Hayes said “From an Irish point of view it’s important that Britain remains in the EU. Already the Taoiseach has fully supported the conclusion of a comprehensive agreement with Britain. I expect that agreement to occur at the February European Council Meeting here in Brussels.”

“We all know the importance of this issue to Ireland from a trade, economic and Northern Ireland perspective – Britain leaving the EU would cause enormous disruption to British Irish relations. I’m looking forward to the evidence that I will give today to this special House of Lords Committee and regard their work in setting out basic information to a British audience as a crucial part of this debate” concluded MEP Hayes.

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